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Friday, July 07, 2006

Patio Scheduled and Mad Game Demolition

I can't get the scanner to work to get the OHJ article up, but I will soon, I promise! Probably next week.

In other news, we scheduled the patio contractor... Contractor 5 starts on July 24. We are so excited, and this means that you, dear readers, will get another exposure to Mad Game Demolition as we bribe our friends with beer to destroy sh*t in the backyard. We're all very psyched to see those awful triangular patios go.

Tonight we have our meeting with the cabinet people, and hopefully I will be able to report that we've ordered our cabinets this time tomorrow. Who knew that spending thousands of dollars could be such a difficult task??? What has been your most frustrating experience with trying to order something? How many of you have had a good experience at the big Orange or big Blue box?

Finally, I'd like to introduce the newest member of the Nightmare on Elm St blog family, my friends new blog Mad Game Racing. I've referenced Mike's 1971 Volvo P1800 race adventures before, and astute readers will note that we periodically don't complete projects due to "race weekend". I've finally convinced Mike to start a blog (mostly by setting it up for him) about his adventures with his nightmare of a car, a.k.a. the Swedish Meatball, the Princess, or just plain old, the Volvo. Aaron and I will both be contributing occassionally to the blog, but almost all of the content is Mike's. If you are interested in SCCA racing, old cars, or just general silliness, you should go and check it out!